Pointing at the Moon: 100 Zen Koans from Chinese Masters

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Cold Mountain Buddhas: Han Shan. Links, bibliography, portraits, selected quotes and poems.

How a Zen Buddhist Master Rejected Me... [SHORT FILM] - 禅宗佛教大师拒绝我 Zen Buddhism

Compiled by Michael P. Cold Mountain: Poems by the T'ang poet Han-shan.

Pointing at the moon : one hundred Zen koans from Chinese masters

Translated by Burton Watson. Columbia University Press, Edited by Stephen Berg. Copper Canyon Press, North Point Press, Bibliography, 91 pages. Dao House - Daoist Poetry. Daoism : Links, bibibliography, quotes, resources. Tao Te Ching - Translations Online.

Dean's Homepage - Original Poetry. Definitions for Haiku. By Tom Brinck. Translated by John Stevens. Boston, Shambala Press, Shambhala Centaur Edition. Dhamma Poetry. Dharma Bums. By Jack Kerouac Viking, Penguin, Reissue Autobiographical novel. The Beat guys on the road from Frisco to Yosemite. Distillations - Buddhist. Selected quotations. The Dragon Who Never Sleeps. Verses for Zen Practice. Translated by Jerome P. Seaton and edited by Dennis Maloney. The Dumpling Field: Haiku of Issa.

Translated by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara. Eastern Culture. Volume I of Haiku. Tokyo, The Hokuseido Press, By Christopher R. Electronic Bodhidharma. Old site ; New Site. Electronic Poetry Center. SUNY, Buffalo. Emptiness in Full Bloom. By Michael P. Translated by Peter Stambler. Review by Gregory B. Edited by Stephen Mitchell. Edited with verse translations by Robert Hass. Hopewell, New Jersey, Ecco Press, Bibliography, pages.

Field: A Haiku Circle. By Don Eulert. Illustrated by Marci Brealey.

AHa Books, Fish Drum Magazine. Edited by Anne Valley Fox. New Mexico. The Gateless Gate - The Mumonkan. From the Coombs Buddhist Archives. The Genius of Haiku : Readings from R. Allen Ginsberg - Shadow Changes into Bone. By Sam Hamill. Great Fool.

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Translated by Peter Haskel. Introduction by Ryuichi Abe. University of Hawaii Press, Green Way Blog. Daily notes and observations on gardening, meditation and zen. Haiku and Zen. By George Marsh. Hackett Haiku Poems with the Stink of Zen. Haiku Poetry: Links, Bibliography, and Resources. Haiku: The Poerty of Zen. By Manuela Dunn Mascetti. Hyperion Books, Consortium Book Sales, This Internet haiku school and discussion list is led by David Coomler.

Translated by J. Translated by Sonya Arntzen. By Sonja Arntzen.

Index of Coombs Papers - Buddhist Poetry. Modern Haiku 32, No. Translated by David G. Berkeley: Asian Humanities Press, Issa - Links and References. Japanese Death Poems. Written by Zen monks and haiku poets on the verge of death. Rutland, Vermont, Charles E. Tuttle, Index, glossary, pages. Japanese Death Poetry. The poems are presented in both Japanese romaji and English version forms. Mitch Campbell has selected poems dealing with death from samurai, haiku poets, and a large selection from Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. University Press of New England, Introduction, notes, bibliography, pages.

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Leaves from the Buddha's Grove. Extensive selection of both ancient and contemporary poems and stories from the Theravada and Zen Buddhist traditions.

Pointing At The Moon Zen Koans From Chinese Masters – Free Online Books

Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry. Extensive website. Weatherhill, Love's Silence and Other Poems. By Yong-Un Han. Translated by Jaihiun Kim and Ronald B. Ronsdale Press, Mahakasyapa's Smile and Other Poems. By Alan Altany. Mahayana Buddhist Scriptures in English. An excellent index. Metaphysical Duets. Mirror for the Moon. Translated by William R.

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New York, New Directions, A translation of poems by Sato Norikiyo, "Saigyo" Modern Buddhist Poetry. Moment to Moment. By David Budbill. Poems of the Zen recluse on Judevine Mountain. Consortium Books, Moon in the Pines: Zen Haiku Poetry. By Jonathan Clements.

Viking Press, Motion and Emotion in Medieval Japanese Buddhism.