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The company's announcement says the vanilla flavor "has a hint of vanilla sweetness" and is made from medium-roasted Colombian and Brazilian cold brew coffee with alcohol and cane sugar. The Black variation is less sugary with "a delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness highlighted by notes of baker's cocoa.

You'll be able to pick up the two variants in four-packs or single-serve nine-ounce cans. Why nine ounces?

Step 2: A Word About Apples

Something something keeping up with the busy millennial lifestyle or something, probably. Follow him dlukenelson. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Want More? You can add water from the tap, but this dilutes your wort, reducing your ABV and overall flavor of your beer. My preferred method is to use either an aeration stone just like those you may have seen in an aquarium or an oxygenation kit. Trust me, your beer will thank you.

Especially if you are using larger glass carboys, carboy handles are super handy. Before I ever started brewing, I read a ton of literature that talked about using blow-off tubes instead of air locks for larger beers. I should have paid attention. Whether I was using a 6.

Learn more about when to use blow-off tubes. If you have a high-quality sleeping bag, simply do your mash in your brew kettle heat off! Check it after about 15 minutes and add boiling water if you need to bring the temperature up a little.

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You can also use a sleeping bag to warm up your fermentor. Bottling your homebrew takes time.

This little trick can help save you a lot of mess: Bottle on the open lid of your dishwasher. Put your bottling bucket on top of the counter immediately above your dishwasher and fill your bottles on the open lid. Any spillage simply gets channeled into the dishwasher when you close the door—one less mess to clean up.

Check out all the ways the dishwasher can help with your homebrewing.

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Instead, take 2 minutes of prep time to save yourself an hour of elbow pain later. Simply remove your burners from the stovetop and place a layer of aluminum foil all over your stove, letting your burners poke through the foil.

Home Brew Hard Cider From Scratch

Clean stove top! And you homebrewers who have propane burners and brew in your driveway, patio, or garage? This foil thing can work for you, too, preventing stains as well as unhappy spouses. We hope you find these tips from a staff homebrewer useful. Please comment below to add your own tips to help your fellow brewers.

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From ingredients to equipment, process, and recipes—extract, partial-mash, and all-grain— The Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing is a vital resource for those new to homebrewing or those who simply want to brew better beer. Order your copy today.

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Time to consider doing the splits with an overnight mash.