Pointing at the Moon: 100 Zen Koans from Chinese Masters

Jul 17, Explore engayayasser's board "Alpha Sketches" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architect drawing, Architectural drawings and Architectural sketches. رازهاي اسكيس -عمادالدين زند. Secrets of sketch. Emad Zand # emadzand”.

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Chichester Music. Cathedral, City and Diocese. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book is the first full-length treatment of Walter Hussey's work as a patron between and , first for the Anglican parish church of St Matthew in Northampton, and then at Chichester Cathedral.

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Atria cingit ebur: trabibus solidatur aenis Culmen et in celsas surgunt electra columnas. Hic elementorum seriem sedesque paternas. Credas inlidi cautibus algam, Et raucum bibulis inserpere murmur arenis. Addit quinque plagas: mediam subtemine rubro Obsessam fervore notat: squalebat adustus Limes et assiduo sitiebant stamina sole.

Vitales utrimque duas; quas mitis oberrat Temperies habitanda viris.

Nec non et patrui pingit sacraria Ditis, Fatalesque sibi manes. Nec defuit omen. And this with the greatest propriety: for oblivion necessarily follows a remission of intellectual action, and is as necessarily attended with the allurements of desire. For thus her garments are beautifully described by the poet:. Pectinis ingenio nunquam felicior arti Contigit eventus. In which description the sun represents the phantasy, and the moon, nature, as is well known to every tyro in the Platonic philosophy.

They are likewise, with great propriety, described in their infantine state: for.

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But the design of Proserpina, in venturing from her retreat, is beautifully significant of her approaching descent: for she rambles from home for the purpose of gathering flowers; and this in a lawn replete with the most enchanting variety, and exhaling the most delicious odors. This is a manifest image of the soul operating principally according to the natural and external life, and so becoming effeminated and ensnared through the delusive attractions of sensible form.

Minerva the rational faculty in this case , likewise gives herself wholly to the. Forma loci superat flores: curvata tumore Parvo planities, et mollibus edita clivis Creverat in collem. Vivo de pumice fontes Roscida mobilibus lambebant gramina rivis.

/ ɑdʒɯmæ'nəlɪsɪz /

Haud procul inde lacus Pergum dixere Sicani Panditur, et nemorum frondoso margine cinctus Vicinis pallescit aquis: admittit in altum Cernentes oculos, et late pervius humor Ducit inoffensus liquido sub gurgite visus, Imaque perspicui prodit secreta profundi. Huc elapsa cohors gaudet per florida rura. Hortatur Cytherea, legant.

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Sic fata, doloris Carpit signa sui. Castra movent, fagique cava dimissus ab alvo Mellifer electis exercitus obstrepit herbis.

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Pratorum spoliatur honos. Tu natus Amyclis: Hunc Helicon genuit. Te disci perculit error: Hunc fontis decepit amor. Te fronte retusa Delius, hunc fracta Cephissus arundine luget. Nunc vimine texto Ridentes calathos spoliis agrestibus implet: Nunc sociat flores seseque ignara coronat. Augurium fatale tori. But there is a circumstance relative to the narcissus which must not be passed over in silence: I mean its being, according to Ovid, the metamorphosis of a youth who fell a victim to the love of his own corporeal form; the secret meaning of which most.

Hence, by an immoderate attachment to this unsubstantial mockery and gliding semblance of the real soul, such an one becomes, at length, wholly changed, as far as is possible to his nature, into a vegetive condition of being, into a beautiful but transient flower, that is, into a corporeal life, or a life totally consisting.

Proserpina gathering Flowers. Pluto carrying off Proserpina. Proserpina, therefore, or the soul, at the very instant of her descent into matter, is, with the utmost propriety, represented as eagerly engaged in picking this fatal flower; for her faculties at this period are entirely occupied with a life divided about the fluctuating condition of body.

After this, Pluto, forcing his passage through the earth, seizes on Proserpina, and carries her away with him, notwithstanding the resistance of Minerva and Diana. They, indeed, are forbid by Jupiter, who in this place signifies Fate, to attempt her deliverance. By this resistance of Minerva and Diana no more is signified than that the lapse of the soul into a material nature is contrary to the genuine wish and proper condition, as well of the corporeal life depending on her essence, as of her true and rational nature.

Well, therefore, may the soul, in such a situation, pathetically exclaim with Proserpina:. But, according to Minutius Felix, Proserpina was carried by Pluto through thick woods, and over a length of sea, and brought into a cavern, the residence of the dead: where by woods a material nature is plainly implied, as we have already observed in the first part of this discourse; and where the reader may likewise observe the agreement of the description in this particular with that of Virgil in the descent of his hero:.

In these words the woods are expressly mentioned; and the ocean has an evident agreement with Cocytus, signifying the outflowing condition of a material nature, and the sorrows and sufferings attending its connection with the soul. Proserpina brought before Pluto in Hades. Pluto hurries Proserpina into the infernal regions: in other words, the soul is sunk into the profound depth and darkness of a material nature.

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A description of her marriage next succeeds, her union with the dark tenement of the body:. Jam suus inferno processerat Hesperus orbi Ducitur in thalamum virgo. Stat pronuba juxta Stellantes Nox pieta sinus, tangensque cubile Omina perpetuo genitalia federe sancit. Night is with great beauty and propriety introduced as standing by the nuptial couch, and confirming the oblivious league.

For the soul through her union with a material body becomes an inhabitant of darkness, and subject to the empire of night; in consequence of which she dwells wholly with delusive phantoms, and till she breaks her fetters is deprived of the intuitive perception of that which is real and true.

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In the next place, we are presented with the following beautiful and pathetic description of Proserpina appearing in a dream to. Sed tunc ipsa sui jam non ambagibus ullis Nuntia, materna facies ingesta sopori. Exhaustusque gelu pallet rubor. Ille superbi Flammeus oris honos, et non cessura pruinis Membra colorantur picei caligine regni. Rigidi cur vincula ferri Vix aptanda feris molles meruere lacerti?