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Jul 17, Explore engayayasser's board "Alpha Sketches" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architect drawing, Architectural drawings and Architectural sketches. رازهاي اسكيس -عمادالدين زند. Secrets of sketch. Emad Zand # emadzand”.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation predicted Ireland would be united by 2024

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Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. A episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer appears to show an Irish news report within the pages of a book of magic spells Getty. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. The best TV cliffhangers of all time Show all Karma for killing Gale comes for Walter White in season five.

The meth maker believes his days of cooking are long over. Having lunch with his family, everything seems perfect. And then everything goes wrong. So, so wrong. It's an honour working with you. Fondly, GB. The debate over whether certain final scenes of television shows are actually good will rage on and on. The Sopranos remains front and centre of the conversation. It's a seemingly banal occasion — a restaurant dinner scene.

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We watch on as Tony sits there, observing other customers. Carmela arrives, then AJ and Meadow, who the last we see, is parking her car outside. A bell rings, Tony looks up and the screen cuts to black. The Freys turn on them, killing Robb, Talisa and their unborn child. Cut to black. The cliffhanger that kickstarted the end of season cliffhanger trend. By the end of season three, one of them took justice into their own hands, shooting JR in the back twice.

However, rather than reveal the culprit, the team behind Dallas left the case unsolved. Showrunner Matt Groening had long wanted to do an episode where Mr Burns was shot, and the culprit was not revealed until the next episode. Taking inspiration from Dallas, the animation concluded Part One with the nuclear power plant owner being shot by an unknown assailant. Then, after a Summer of waiting, fans were finally treated to the answer.

Choosing one standout Doctor Who cliffhanger is almost impossible — especially when you consider that all 37 and counting seasons have frequently used the plot device. Having absorbed a bunch of vortexes, the Doctor is struggling and on the verge of regenerating. Absolutely fantastic.

What was the Irish Potato Famine?

And you know what — so was I. Gale David Costabile is one of the nicest characters on Breaking Bad. He is not interested in wealth or fame, but in science. When the choice between their lives has to be made, Walter chooses his own and sends Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul to do the dirty work. Season three ends with Jesse killing Gale — an incident that eventually brings down the drug kingpin Gus Fring.

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  • The episode works its way back from the beginning as we see a Secret Service Agent sense danger from a nearby window at a town hall meeting with the president in attendance. When the episode catches up, gunfire rings out and each member of his senior staff is thrown to the floor. Season five concluded with the eponymous ass-kicker sacrificing herself to save the world by jumping into a demonic portal. Devoted friend. She saved the world.

    A lot. It's easy to forget that True Blood began life as an acclaimed Emmy-nominated drama, and it was a cliffhanger such as this that made it so: Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin falls asleep with the friendly neighbour dog Dean for company. Turns out he's a shapeshifter. After selecting his victim, the camera switches POV and Negan bludgeons the unseen character to death leaving fans with a six-month wait before finding out who had met their maker. Season two presented an intriguing mystery: the disappearance of three teenage girls from a Texan town that nobody had vanished from.

    It was the season's penultimate episode that cleared up this plot line as Matt Garvey Chris Zylka breaks into a heavily-guarded trailer — only to be met with the three teenage girls staring back at him. In episode 11, the writers had introduced a hatch buried underground and, week in week out, the fans waited patiently for any detail about the mysterious structure the writers were willing to give them.

    This ending remains an unforgettable moment for those who watched it at the time of broadcast. Viewers watched behind their eyes as Michael Harold Perrineau , desperate to save his son from the mysterious Others, shoots Ana-Lucia Michelle Rodriguez and, in a cruel twist, Libby Cynthia Watros , who has accidentally stumbled upon the whole thing while looking for some blankets.

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    The ending set the benchmark for all future finale and was so huge it made newspaper headlines. In fact, its first episode featured a cliffhanger ending to rival the best of them.

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    After season one, Heroes became pretty dreadful television. But this cliffhanger looms in the memory for being so left-field it warrants applaud: having captured serial killer Sylar, Angela Petrelli — parent to superheroes Nathan and Peter — tells him she can provide him with the love and guidance he needs. After spending an entire season watching the blossoming romance between medical intern Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo and Dr Derek Shephard Patrick Dempsey , the world of viewers was rocked upon discovering the shock revelation that Derek was married all along.

    After crashing, the episode ends with Guy and several other characters dangling — you guessed it — off a cliff. A particularly nail-biting fourth season was shaping up to end well: after weeks of playing cat-and-mouse with the Trinity Killer John Lithgow on Emmy-winning form , Dexter finally put an end to his murderous ways and returned home ready to pack up and join his wife Rita on their vacation. Trinity killed her before Dexter got to him.

    A heartbreaking end to a standout season. When things are going supremely well towards the end of a season finale, you know something big is about to go down. Battlestar Galactica proved no different.

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    President Charles Logan Gregory Itzin is revealed to be the mastermind behind the shocking assassinations of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler, which kickstarted the season. After the wedding, as the season finished, everyone was left wondering whether the pair would finally rekindle their romance for good. And just as Mulder solves the riddle of how those people died, the roof of the boxcar slams shut, trapping him inside. Worse still, the Smoking Man then arrives with a unit of soldiers.

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    Did Mulder survive? Did he get away? Queue hundreds of fans wanting more from the story, which had, ultimately, come full circle. Another science fiction show filled to the brim with cliffhangers. Fans had to wait three months to discover whether Picard could be saved — and the fandom almost imploded in the meantime.