Pointing at the Moon: 100 Zen Koans from Chinese Masters

Jul 17, Explore engayayasser's board "Alpha Sketches" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architect drawing, Architectural drawings and Architectural sketches. رازهاي اسكيس -عمادالدين زند. Secrets of sketch. Emad Zand # emadzand”.

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A refreshingly grown-up take on superhero films. The mighty James Mason lends a splendidly saturnine drollness to this espionage thriller from Pastry Week has arrived later than usual this year, and it leaves some of the bakers cracking like a dried-out shortcrust. The Technical is a mystifying Moroccan concoction that only one contestant has ever heard of, let alone made. High summer heat in the tent means that misbehaving butter causes havoc with the rough puff.

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T here are more tears and fewer Hollywood handshakes than usual, but those contestants who gamely roll and knead against the odds will have you cheering on. Otherwise, even with mounting pressure and grinding challenges, this contest continues to envelop us in its floury embrace. Titanic actor Victor Garber continues this trawl through artefacts recovered from the doomed liner, with fascinating tales about some of them.

This crime mystery has a neat central conceit — one of the cops chasing a child-killer is hiding behind a false identity. This episode is stolen by Victoria, a forthright equine dentist who makes no bones about her desire to make babies expeditiously. Lenny Henry trots through the history of multi-cultural UK comedy in this nightly three-parter. As moral bankruptcy goes, a police officer taking sexual advantage of a victim of crime is right up there. K enneth Branagh plays William Shakespeare in the last three years of his life, while also directing a witty script from Ben Elton.

When Marty then discovers that Doc is about to be killed, he dashes back years in the DeLorean to rescue him.

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A colourful romp through saloons, gangs and Western showdowns soon ensues. After an accidental and near-fatal electrocution, Nick Gibson , a chauvinistic creative director, gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking. C hannel 5 are bravely dipping their toes into the shark-infested waters of Brexit with this live debate. Yes, live. Told you it was brave.

In order to find out, or at least have a go, the channel has conducted one of the largest of the many recent Brexit polls. This one asked 25, people across the UK whether they want to leave regardless of a deal, would prefer some sort of deal, or would rather stay in the EU. If that all sounds remarkably like the questions that might be on offer in any second referendum then, again, you can only applaud Channel 5 for getting in there first. Its unique combination of competitive architects and virtual reality means that Your Home Made Perfect is very quickly becoming my latest property addiction.

Tonight sees Robert Jamison and Laura Jane Clark present two different visions for a couple hoping to extend their family home. Even Lord Sugar looks bored. Still, for those who are watching, tonight is pretty entertaining, as a brief to design a toy for six-to-eight year olds causes one team to get it spectacularly wrong. Naturally, it all goes terribly wrong, with a mock surgery causing absolute chaos.

This enjoyable horror-comedy centres on a deadly Venezuelan spider that takes a trip in the coffin of its first victim and arrives in small-town America — could it be any other place? Inevitably, it mates with a house spider, and soon an unpleasant plague is underway. Directed by Frank Marshall and starring Jeff Daniels, the film has a terrific climax.

Who knew that spiders could scream? Quite literally: the film is set in Bruges, where two wise-cracking hit men Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are holed up after a botched job, arguing the toss and waiting to hear from their sociopathic boss Ralph Fiennes. This gripping new eight-part drama has an opening unlike any other: 25 minutes of bravura direction and fine performances from an all-Japanese cast you may not have seen before, with not a word of English spoken.

We meet Kenzo Takehiro Hira , a world-weary Tokyo police detective living in a small flat with his ageing parents, distant wife and rebellious daughter. When a murder in London threatens the fragile truce between Yakuza gangs, Kenzo is sent to Britain to follow a trail that could implicate his missing brother Yosuke Kubozuka and envelops solitary copper Sarah Kelly Macdonald , vulnerable rent-boy Rodney Will Sharpe and assorted other criminal elements. Original and intriguing.

Un hippopotame menace les habitants et les champs à Murengeza.

The Great Central Railway in Loughborough also hosts its annual Goods Galore Gala, and there is a closer look at signal boxes and new sleeper technology. A revealing, thoughtful film about fame and families. As any millennial ironist knows, we should all have them by now, but for now the jetpack is the preserve of the few. One of them is David Mayman, an Australian whose obsession with jetpacks drove him to build and fly his own, with near-fatal consequences.

He is engagingly followed over 10 years, during which his dream of flight became a reality. The venerable live music show returns with a typically eclectic line-up and superfluous boogie-woogie adornments. Joining headliner Mark Ronson is Cate Le Bon, who debuts music from her fine fifth album Reward, the soul singer PP Arnold performing songs from her first new album in over five decades, and the rapper Sampa the Great.

The bleached cinematography of Tobias Schliessler elevates the saga of the Permian High Panthers to near-mythic dimensions. Billy Bob Thornton and Derek Luke lead a very able cast. In the desert of a dystopian future, Max is captured by a warlord and imprisoned until he and mutinous soldier Imperator Furiosa Charlize Theron seize a chance to flee. And so the chase begins It also airs on Channel 5 at 10pm on Friday.

The plot revolves around the ever-mutating relationship between a poor maid Kim Tae-ri and her hysterical mistress Kim Min-hee. Its half hour of hijinks offers a safe haven, in which the worst that can happen is shopkeeper Granville Jason getting his fingers caught in the temperamental till. The new series features more of the same, with penny-pincher Granville trying to find a new use for an old mangle. Each episode is a half-hour mini-play about relationships, kicking off with the friendship of a New Yorker Cristin Milioti and her doorman Laurentiu Possa.


In this eight-part comedy, Paul Rudd plays Miles, a miserable ad-man seeking help at the same spa that worked for his colleague. The high-concept set-up sees the cack-handed spa guys clone another, happier Miles, but leave the old Miles alive for chaos to ensue at home. In episode two, he scandalises the brethren by conducting an autopsy on Venanzio. T he former EastEnders actor seems to relish a caravan holiday in this new series.

The legend of Lost Cabin

Richie is on an evangelical mission to convince us that soggy coastal holidays in close quarters are the way forward, and tonight he drags his reluctant wife to north Wales. Others may ask how watching strangers text out loud constitutes entertainment. Still, if anyone were slippery enough to get away with trying, it would be Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman.

The latter duo play two lawyers in Panama City, who look after the financial affairs of the super-rich. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Culture TV. Saturday 12 October. Sunday 13 October. Celebrity Hunted C hannel 4, 9. Lost Pharaohs of the Nile C hannel 4, 8. BBC One, Monday 14 October. Motherhood B BC Two, Tuesday 15 October. Wednesday 16 October. Raid abilities also don't care about what happened to the attacking creature.

Maybe it survived combat, maybe it didn't. Maybe it got bounced. Maybe it changed controllers that traitor! As long as you attacked with it, that's good enough for a raid ability.

You may be thinking, "Hey, attacking is great. Gonna do it a lot. Where's the treasure? Each Treasure is a colorless artifact that you can "cash in" for one mana of any color by tapping and sacrificing it. Treasure is both the name of the token and its artifact type. Several cards in this set create Treasure tokens, giving you a welcome boost in resources allowing you to pull away from the competition.

Buried Husker Treasures Taking Year Nap - University of Nebraska

They don't have a named keyword, and thus don't have a preview card in this article. If you're a Merfolk fan, don't fret, there are plenty of goodies in store. Similar to Merfolk, the Vampires in this set don't have a named keyword. Rather, their strategy revolves around the manipulation of life. If you choose to serve the Legion, you'll find yourself paying life for powerful effects, regaining that life via lifelink and other abilities, and ultimately draining the life from your foes.

There's a lot to discover on Ixalan, and the new keyword action explore helps you find new lands and strengthen your forces. Don't worry about getting your hands too dirty, though.

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It's your creatures that will be doing the exploring on your behalf. If a creature you control explores, you reveal the top card of your library. If the revealed card is a land, representing your creature finding some new territory you can check out, put that card into your hand. If it's not a land card, your creature comes back empty-handed or empty-winged, empty-taloned, empty-pawed, etc. Then, you decide whether the nonland card goes back on top of your library or into your graveyard.

Most creatures that explore, like Tishana's Wayfinder, do so because of an ability that triggers when they enter the battlefield. Creatures may also explore as a result of an activated ability. In either case, when that ability resolves, if the creature is no longer on the battlefield, it can still explore. If you reveal a land card, you'll still put it into your hand.