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Advice and opinions from theatre industry experts. Barrie in the early s. Peter Pan follows the straightforward narrative of the book it accompanies. In London live the Darlings, Mr. Their efforts to maintain status in society occasionally strain the family, but Mrs. Darling is adamant that her children have room to grow into themselves with imagination and independence, so their lives go rather unremarkably well.

All this changes with the arrival of Peter Pan, a young boy who escaped to a magical world called Neverland in his childhood and who has never grown with the passage of time.


Darling tells her children. Darling, who caught Peter one night, has stolen his shadow and hidden it in a drawer. In search for it, Peter enters the nursery of the Darling house with his fairy Tinkerbell one evening when the parents are out and befriends Wendy, John, and Michael. He teaches the three to fly and they happily accompany him to Neverland to stay for awhile with Peter and the Lost Boys, sons who were lost by their mothers in childhood and took up residence in Neverland instead.

But, as Wendy and her brothers learn as their visit lengthens, not all children are meant to stay young, living in dreams and playing pretend. With this version of Peter Pan , we experience Peter, Wendy, and their companions the way they were first introduced to mainstream audiences in When J. Barrie first wrote this tale, it was in defence of children being asked to grow up too soon, by a world who demanded too much of them.

It is poignant how much those same ideals can reach audiences today. Guide written by Shae Fitzgerald. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Join Now.

Peter Pan (2003), Peter and Wendy; Argument scene.

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View full biography. His directorial work with the A. Zuber was the recipient of the Obie Award for sustained achievement in design. Christopher Walker has composed music and designed sound for We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay! Previously he composed music and designed sound for productions at the Intiman Theatre, the Bathhouse Theatre, and the Alice B. Notable dates. Peter Pan and Wendy gallery 15 items. Read full article. Article about Peter Pan and Wendy.

Wendy Darling

Conceived by Elizabeth Egloff Marcus Stern. Conceived by Elizabeth Egloff. Conceived by Marcus Stern. Written by Elizabeth Egloff. Directed by Marcus Stern. Set design by Allison Koturbash. Costume design by Catherine Zuber.

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