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Competition BBQ Secrets is available both as a eBook that you can download immediately after payment and is available via a printed copy. Our book does not contain a lot of useless barbecue recipes. They will even give you a tip or two if you ask nicely. But how can you expect to learn everything they know in a 15 minute conversation? Some of them charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to go to their cooking school! Be the hero at your next family cookout, buy Competition BBQ Secrets today and download your eBook instantly right after payment.

This book is not just for BBQ competitors… it was written with the backyard enthusiast in mind. Anyone can use the barbecue recipes in this book right in their very own backyard or in a local cookoff or in a serious competition like the Big Pig Jig or Memphis in May. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your barbecue recipes, just send the processor Clickbank an email and they will immediately refund your money.

There is a link to do this at the bottom of your email receipt. I have been doing competitive BBQ cookoffs for 5 years around Austin. I have a shelf full of cookbooks and your e-book is by far the best I own. I use the rib recipe to the letter and have had great success with it. I have also won in 2 other major contests following your recipe in the past year.

The Secret for the Best Grilled BBQ Chicken

As an aside — I have been cooking the super-trimmed briskets lately. They are not less tender, juicy, etc than cooking a whole brisket. A lot less cooking space too! Since we only turn in slices, sort of makes sense. Coriander and chilli flavours are also good partners. Traditional herbs such as sage or rosemary are excellent with lamb, but more modern options like cinnamon and cumin are good too.

Poultry is one of the most versatile meats when it comes to pairing herbs and spices. Equally great with a sweet BBQ rub, a cooling lemon and herb dressing or a spicy peri-peri or curry marinade, it can be made into whatever you want it to be. Choose your meat spices based on what the rest of your meal is going to taste like — this is your chance to experiment and create something truly fantastic. Pork pairs well with sweet marinades — BBQ sauces being the favorite.

But juniper berries can also be a great pairing for pork.

How to Make Top Secret BBQ Sauce

Depending on the fish, spices and seasonings can give them a lot of flavor. Many people worry about what to add to fish, but most seasonings go well with fish and enhance the flavor. As with everything you cook, taste as you go and decide for yourself when you are satisfied with the flavour. Remember, a little goes a long way with herbs and spices, so start small and build the flavour profile as you go.

Uncooked cuts of beef can be frozen for months, but ground beef no more than months. Cooked beef can be stored in the freezer for months only.


If you need to keep meats in the fridge, then store the uncooked meats for days maximum. If frozen correctly, poultry can be stored for up to a year before sacrificing its quality. Parts of chicken like wings, thighs, and breasts to be stored frozen for up to 9 months. Similar to beef, the uncooked frozen roast can be stored for months and chops for months.

If storing in the fridge, store uncooked pork for only days, and cooked pork for days. Lean fish like cod or catfish can be frozen for months, fatty fish like salmon to be kept frozen for months, shellfish and other seafood to be kept frozen for months.

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If storing in the fridge, store raw seafood for days, cooked fish for days, and smoked fish for 14 days. Many people assume that meat thermometers are only there for the end of cooking to make sure that the meat is properly cooked. However, by using these handy tools throughout grilling, you can guarantee the perfect grill every time. Below is an easy guide showing you what temperatures each type of meat should reach for the best results.

Burgers should be cooked on a high heat to sear the meat in and allow for a slightly pink, juicy centre.

A pink burger will take around nine minutes, a well done one a little longer. The core temperature of a well-done burger is 71 degrees Celsius.

Crockpot Spareribs & Mom's Secret BBQ Sauce · One Good Thing by Jillee

Like burgers, use a high heat to sear the juices inside the meat. The core temperature of a rare steak should be between degrees Celsius, while a medium steak should be around 65 degrees Celsius. Around 71 degrees Celsius will give you a well-done done steak. Cook on the high temperature for five minutes and then move to a lower heat until the meat reaches your desired temperature. Getting the perfectly grilled sausage requires a lot of attention and turning to achieve a safe temperature and a crispy outer texture.

The ideal inner temperature when cooked through should be 65 degrees Celsius, and it should take no more than 20 minutes to reach this. You should cook chicken on a medium heat as you risk charring the outside while the inside is raw on a high heat. It can also affect the flavours by cooking on a high heat.

The correct temperature for perfectly cooked chicken is 73 degrees Celsius. Because meat is a muscle made of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and lots of water just like ours, it needs to rest. When meat is cooked, the muscle fibres contract causing the meat to shrink think balling your fist from an open palm. As the meat continues cooking it forces the water to the surface and between the fibres of the meat as the protein shrinks inside the meat. This can cause the meat to become tough and dry. When you allow your meat to rest, this process can somewhat be reversed.

As the fibres relax when they have been taken away from the heat source, the moisture that had been driven to the surface of the meat redistributes throughout the meat and some is reabsorbed by the proteins. Therefore when rested meat is cut it holds onto more of its natural juices. Most people perceptiveness of tenderness is driven by moisture content and meat is seen as more tender if it soft and moist.

There are a couple of options:. With a consistent two hour wait to get in, this restaurant knows what it is doing. The Franklin brisket all-natural beef smoked for twelve to eighteen hours comes out profoundly flavorful and moist with a rich, dark, salty-peppery crust and a rim of sublime, flawlessly rendered fat. Franklin has a signature indirect-heat pit and is famous for using oak as his choice of wood.

This small grill is immensely popular with tourists and locals alike. Whole hogs are seasoned with an beautiful mixture of chiles, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, and turmeric, then roasted over a wood fire on hand-turned log rotisserie spits.

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  • Once cooked, the hogs are carried across the street to an open-air restaurant where women wielding cleavers dole out servings of the crispy, spice-scented meat with fragrant rice and spicy long bean salad. This place is famous for smoking meats over slow-smoldering white oak in the finest Kansas City style. Spice-rubbed slabs of ribs, briskets, and a house specialty — pulled pork. Order by the pound or pick up a combo-style sandwich such as the Okie Joe — piled with chopped beef and pork.

    Fire regulations make it ever harder to find a restaurant that cooks this magnificent porterhouse steak the traditional way: on a gridiron over blazing hardwood charcoal. But Buca Lapi fights found a way to keep tradition alive in a barrel-vaulted basement. They are famous for their fire-charred T-bone as well as their increible veal chops served with sweet and sour onion sauce. The spareribs are huge and the seasoned pork acome away from the bone like butter.

    Their signature oak-burning smoke pit produces the best flavours in London.

    Sauce for People Who Are Passionate About Their BBQ

    Some local favourites are the baby back ribs and BBQ chicken. People travel across the country to the small town of Murphysboro, Illinois to try them. Mike even holds workshops for up-and-coming pitmasters to learn his secrets.