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Jul 17, Explore engayayasser's board "Alpha Sketches" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architect drawing, Architectural drawings and Architectural sketches. رازهاي اسكيس -عمادالدين زند. Secrets of sketch. Emad Zand # emadzand”.

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If you met Hitler, what would you say or do? If you could only eat one type of sauce for the rest of your life, what would it be? Who in this room would you never call if you had an emergency? Have you ever peed in a pool? Would you rather live with no laptop or no phone for a year? If you had to choose one person in this group to be your parent, who would it be and why?

Which celebrity would you pick to be stranded with? If you had to become a stripper, what would your stripper name be? If you were a Pokemon, which Pokemon would you be and why? Have you ever wondered whether you were adopted?

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You are allowed to turn one person into the opposite sex. Who do you choose? Have you ever bought something that made a cashier uncomfortable? What was it? Which part of your body do you wish you could detach?

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What song is the theme song of your life? Who in this group would you never want to see naked? What is the weirdest thing about you? Have you ever cried when you stepped on a Lego? What is your least favorite pizza topping? What one word would you love to never hear again? Who here is the worst liar? How many days in a row have you worn the same underwear or socks?

What is the worst place you get itchy? Have you ever wet the bed? Who in this room would make the best horse for you to ride on? Funny Truth Questions for Girls Who did you have a crush on in the past who you think is ugly now? If you could be one celebrity for a whole day, who would you be? Have you ever had a crush on two guys at the same time? Who were they?

Have you ever forgotten to wear your bra? If you were a man for one day, what would you do? If you could only eat one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Funny Truth or Dare Questions

Someone you think is gross tells you he has a crush on you. Chicken nuggets or hamburger? You can only listen to one song in the car for a year. What song is it? What do you do with your hands when you pee? Which boy band would you want to make you breakfast: PrettyMuch or One Direction? Would you rather be a guy or a girl? Have you ever dreamt of kissing an older guy? What movie would you watch for the rest of your life if you could only watch one movie?

If you could give the grossest guy in our class a makeover, who would it be? Would you kiss him after that? What would you do if you found your dad using your razor?

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If you ran out of toilet paper while on the toilet, who would you tag in your Instagram? Which question are you glad someone else had to answer instead of you? Weird Truth or Dare Questions You and 4 of your friends are the fingers on a hand. Who is which finger? If you got locked in at a grocery store overnight, what would you do there? If you had to choose, which president would you go on a date with? Which of your friends would look stupid with glasses on? What does your poop smell like?

The answers : all the office questions you never dared to ask

If you had something stuck up your nose, who in this group would you pick to pull it out? Which of your two friends would win a staring contest? Would you rather have long leg hair or no hair on your head?

Have you ever tasted the bottom of your feet? What does your blood taste like?

Would you rather eat mayo on a hotdog or ketchup on pizza? Have you ever plucked your nose hair? How many Justin Bieber albums do you own? Have you ever had diarrhea from eating Taco Bell? Would you rather get married in a KFC or a Walmart? Would you rather eat a whole plate of warheads or drink a bottle of pickle juice?

If you had to bury your worst enemy up to their neck, what would you bury them in? What bug would you not eat in order to survive?

If you ran out of toilet paper, what would you use instead? Who here would you pick to lick your eyeball?

Never Have I Ever Questions

You die and go to heaven. Which of your friends would be surprised to see you there? What is something you wish a computer could do for you? Silly Truth or Dare Questions If you farted in the elevator, would you say excuse me or pretend like it was someone else? How many chins is too many chins? Would you kiss someone with braces? What would be the worst situation to be in during an earthquake? If your body were slowly turning into toothpaste, which part would you want to go last? Which chocolate are you in a box of chocolates?

If you and one person in this room could be the last people on Earth left alive, who would that person be? Who are 5 famous people that you would like to have dinner with? They can either be dead or alive. What is your favorite thing about the opposite gender or the gender that you are attracted to? If you could say anything to one person in your life without any consequences, what would it be? Go to the nearest fridge, pour a little bit of all the liquids found not including medication into a glass, stir it, and drink it all up.

Let someone spoon-feed you with both of you blindfolded for 2 minutes. Make it something messy like yogurt, applesauce, etc. Let everyone in the room, dress you up, do your makeup, and your hair. Take a picture and make that your new social media profile picture for at least one day. Put your toe in your mouth.

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