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Jul 17, Explore engayayasser's board "Alpha Sketches" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Architect drawing, Architectural drawings and Architectural sketches. رازهاي اسكيس -عمادالدين زند. Secrets of sketch. Emad Zand # emadzand”.

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This is a certain and innocent way of find- ing out common occurances about to take place. Take three dice, shake them well in the box with your left hand, and then cast them out on a board or table, on which you had previously drawn a circle with chalk, but never throw on a Monday or Wednesday. To show the same number twice at one trial shows news from abroad, be the number what it may. If the dice roll over the circle, the number thrown goes for nothing, but the occurrence shows sharp words, and, if thej r fall to the floor, it is blows; in throwing out the dice, if one remains on the top of the other, it is a present, of which I would have the females take care.

Take a walnut, a hazel-nut, and nutmeg; grate them together, and mix them with but- ter and sugar, and. If a gentleman, of riches; if a clergyman, of white linen; if a lawyer, of darkness; if a a tradesman, of odd noises and tumults; If a soldier or sailor, of thunder and lightning; if a servant, of rain. It is not good for a maiden to marry in colors, or a widow in white; yet let her, by all means, avoid green or yellow and the 13th of the month. To see a flight of birds as you go to the church on your nuptial day foretells many children. To meet a funeral at the time is ominous of speedy separation.

The sun to emerge suddenly from behind a cloud and shine on the altar as the nuptials are celebrating is a sure omen of prosperity and connubial love. It is unlucky to pick up an odd glove in the street; you had better pass it. Never tell a dream till you have broke your fast; if you have the same dream repeated twice or thrice, attend to it; it must have more than common meaning.

Take a small Bible and the key of your front street-door, and having opened to Solomon's Songs, chapter 8, verses 6 and 7, place the wards of the key on these two verses, and let the bow of the key be about an inch out of the top of the Bible; then shut the book and tie it round with your garter, so as the key will not move, and the person who wishes to know his or her future husband or wife's signature must suspend the Bible by putting the middle finger of the right hand under the bow of the key, and the other person in like manner on the other side of the bow of the key, who must repeat the following verses, after the other person's saying the alphabet, one letter to each time repeating them.

Solomon's Songs, vih. What number you throw, go to that, or else what number or letter you prick upon, they being covered with a piece of paper, through which you must prick.

As to what kind of a Husband a Widow or Iflaid shall have. A handsome youth, be sure, you'll have, Brown-hair'd, high-nos'd; he'll keep thee brave.

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A man unto thy lot will fall, Straight, but neither short nor tall. An honest tradesman is thy lot; When he proffers, slight him not. Fair, ruddy, bushy-haired is thy love, He'll keep thee well, and call thee still his dove. A widower, though rich, thou'lt marry, You for a husband won't long tarry. Proper and gay will be the man That will thee wed, mj r pretty Nan.

Whether a Maid shall have him she Loves. Be not too coy, he is your own, But through delay he may be gone. Come, set thy heart at rest, I say, lie will but plunder, and away. Fear not, thy neighbor is the man, And lie will have thee if he can. Show him mere kindness, he will speak — His heart with silence else will break.

Sigh thou no more; he does reUmt, And his inconstancy repent. How many husbands you may expect, etc. Come, in the town thou first shalt wed, A stranger next shall grace thy bed. With one well loved, thy life shall be, And happy days, in marriage free. The stars three husbands do presage, And thou shalt die in good old age. Wed betimes, or else I fear Thou wilt not much for wedlock care. Too much pride will make thee tarry, Yet, after all that, thou shalt marry. Accept the ring thy love doth give; For long in wedlock he'll not live. Whether it is best to Marry or not. Don't fear, thy husband will be kind, And it is one shall please thy mind.

If he be of complexion fair, For thee that man I do prepare. Come, never fear, it will be well, Or say, I can nc fortune tell. Pray lose no time, for, if you do, Age will come on, and you will rue. If this match slips, you may iong stay; Then take kind Will without delay. Cupid commands thee now to do 't, Then, prithee, make no more dispute.

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Queries about Fortunate Days. Each Monday in the year indifferent are, Yet the event thereof bids you beware. On Tuesday cruel Mars doth reign ; Beware of strife, lest blows j r ou gain. On Wednesday witty projects make, For Mercury the rule does take. Mild Jove rules Thursday, do not fear, 'Tis prosperous throughout the year. Fair Venus Friday does approve, And on that day does prosper love.

Saturn next does rule, beware. And take in hand no great affair. Laatto, Sol rules, whose golden aspeet shows He all things mildly does to good dispose. Falls on the 21st of January; you must pre- pare yourself by a twenty-four hours' fast, touching nothing but pure spring water, be- ginning at midnight on the 20th to the same again on the 21st; then go to bed, and mind you sleep by yourself; and do not mention what you are trying to any one, or it will break the spell; go to rest on your left side, and. Agnes be a friend to me In the gift I ask of thee; Let me this night my husband see — and you will dream of your future spouse.

If you see more men than one in your dream, you will wed two or three times, but, if you sleep and dream not, you will never marry. Let three young women assemble together on the eve of this saint in an upper apartment, where they are sure not to be disturbed, and let no one try whose age is more than twenty- one, or it breaks the charm; get rum, wine, gin, vinegar, and water, and let each have a hand in preparing the potion.

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Put it in a ground-glass vessel; no other will do. Then let each young woman dip a sprig of rose- mary in, and fasten it in her bosom, and, tak- ing three sips of the mixture, get into bed; and the three must sleep together, but not a word must be spoken after the ceremony be- gins, and you will have true dreams, and of such a nature that you cannot possibly mis- take your future destiny. It is not particular as to the hour in which you retire to rest.

Lay under your pillow a prayer-book, opened at the Matrimonial Service, bound round with the garters you wore that day and a sprig of myrtle, on the page that says, with this ring I thee wed, and your dream will be ominous, and you will have your fortune as well told as if you had paid a crown to an as- trologer. To be used at any convenient time.

Make a nosegay of various colored flowers, one of a sort, a sprig of rue, and some yarrow off a grave, and bind all together with the hair from your head; sprinkle them with a few drops of the oil of amber, using your left hand, and bind the flowers round your head under your night-cap when you retire to rest; put on clean sheets and linen, and your future fate will appear in your dream.

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If you receive a written one, or any declara- tion to that effect in a letter, prick the words with a sharp-pointed needle on a sheet of paper quite clear from any writing; fold in nine folds, and place it under your head when you retire to rest. Trees in blossom, or flowers, show children; washing, or graves, show you will lose them by death; and water shows they are faithful, but that you will go through severe poverty with the party for some time, though all may end well.

Exactly at twelve, on Midsummer-day, place a bowl of water in the sun, pour in some boil- ing pewter as the clock is striking, saying thus: Here I try a potent spell, Queen of love and Juno tell, In kind love to me, What my husband is to be; This the day, and this the hour, When it seems you have the power For to be a maiden's friend.

So, good ladies, condescend. A tobacco-pipe full is enough.

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When the pewter is cold, take it out of the water, and drain it dry in a cloth, and you will find the emblems of your future husband's trade quite plain. If more than one, you will marry twice; if confused and no emblems, you will never marry; a coach shows a gentleman for you. Steep mistletoe berries, to the number of nine, in a mixture of ale, wine, vinegar, and honey; take them on going to bed, and you will dream of your future lot; a storm in this dream is very bad; it is most likely that you will marry a sailor, who will suffer shipwreck at sea; but to see either sun, moon, or stars is an excellent presage; so are flowers; but a coffin is an index of a disappointment in love.

Get nine small keys; they must all be your own by begging or purchase borrowing will not do, nor must you tell what you want them for ; plait a three-plaited band of your own hair, and tie them together, fastening the ends with nine knots; fasten them with one of your garters to your left wrist on going to bed, and bind the other garter round your head; then say: St.

Peter take it not amiss, To try your favor I've done this; You are the ruler of the keys, Favor me, then, if you please; Let me then your influence prove, And see my dear and wedded love. This must be done on the eve of St. It is an old charm used by the maidens of Rome in ancient times, who put great faith in it. Purchase three small keys, each at a dif- ferent place, and, on going to bed, tie them together with your garter, and place them in your left hand glove, along with a small flat dough cake, on which you have pricked the first letters of your sweetheart's name; put them in your bosom when you Tetire to rest; if you are to have that young man, you will dream of him, but not else.

Write the proper names of the father and the mother, and the month she conceived with child; count the letters in these words, and di- vide the amount by seven; and then, if the re- mainder be even, it will be a girl; if uneven, it will be a boy. Write the proper names of the father and mother, and of the day the child was born; count the letters in these words, and to the amount add twenty-five, and then divide the whole by seven; if the remainder be even, the child shall die, but if it be uneven, the child shall live. Get a green pea-pod, in which are exactly nine peas; hang it over the door, and then take notice of the next person who comes in, who is not, of the family, nor of the samejsex with yourself, and if it proves an unmarried indi- vidual, you will certainly be married within that year.

To be used on the eve of any fast directed in the calendar. This takes a week's preparation, for you must abstain from meat or strong drink. Go not to bed till the clock has struck the mid- night hour, and rise before seven the next morning, the whole seven days. You must neither play at cards, or any game of chance, nor enter a place of public diversion. When you go to bed on the night of trial, eat some- thing very salty, and do not drink after it, and you may depend on having very singular dreams; and, being very thirsty, you will probably dream of liquids.

Wine is excellent, and shows wealth or promotion; brandy, foreign lands; rum, that you will wed a sailor, or one that gets his living at sea; gin, but a middling life; cordials, variety of fortune; and water, if you drink it, poverty; but to see a clear stream is good.