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Fish and Wildlife Service advised the state that the situation was truly hopeless, and that nothing could be done to stop the killings once wolves developed a taste for sheep. Every night our team was in the field guarding the sheep was nerve wracking. If our methods failed, the agencies would remove the pack, and critics of nonlethal methods would point to our failure to justify their reliance on traditional lethal control programs.

No one had ever tried to resolve sheep predations on such a large scale before. They thought that our efforts were just a lucky fluke.

Peter and the other field technicians sleep in small tents right near the flocks of sheep to deter wolves from preying on them during the night. So we decided to create a formal project to test the methods for three more years to see if they were right.

The first year of the Wood River Wolf Project, we lost one sheep out of 10, to wolf predation. Even our critics started paying attention.

Lions and Wolves and Lambs, Oh My!

The rancher and former president of the Idaho Woolgrowers Association took responsibility for the losses and asked that the wolves not be killed because of the mistake. Our losses remained low and were always a result of human error, and not the failing of the nonlethal deterrents. We were learning how to use them better every year. And we cautiously began talking more about our success publicly to reporters and even filmmakers.

From to , we lost a total of 16 sheep out of more than 30, collectively, and no wolves had been killed as a result of livestock conflicts in the project area. We held a wrap up meeting and celebrated a victory previously unheard of before our project. By now our project partners included ranchers, state and federal wildlife agencies, county commissioners, university researchers, wolf conservation supporters, and a number of field team members from a wide range of backgrounds.

The response from our partners? We began a new site evaluation system to help sheep and cattle producers determine how to address potential predation risks, and we began holding field training in the use of nonlethal deterrents for our team and local ranchers.

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We even added our first university intern , who became one of our best field technicians to date. Two weeks ago, we celebrated our best year yet, which culminated in the Trailing of the Sheep parade. There were a total of 27, sheep in our project area this year, and we lost only 4 sheep, all in one night when a band bumped into a new pack of wolves that no one knew existed.

And our ranching partners are reporting that their losses to coyotes, bears and cougars are down as well. Specifically, our loss rate averaged 0. Best of all, no wolves within the project area have yet been lethally removed because of depredation conflicts. Benefits of the project include reduced management costs, reduced social conflict, and increased ecological functionality and pack stability of wolves.

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Are we done? Is the project finished? Not even close. There are other areas in the county that still need to be addressed. And on a broader scale, we believe that our model should be adapted at the national level to reform our federal wildlife agency programs to make them more cost-effective and more humane. We believe our model offers a far better solution that significantly reduces both livestock and wildlife losses.

For more on how to use nonlethal methods to protect livestock, read our Livestock and Wolves guide [PDF]. Thank you! Main navigation Our Work. Conserving Imperiled Species. Advocating for International Species. Protecting Habitat. Promoting Coexistence. Defending Conservation Laws. Innovating for Wildlife Conservation. Combating Climate Change. Fighting Invasive Species. Speaking for Wildlife. Where We Work.

Take Action. Add Your Voice. Attend an Event. Become an Activist. Hold Congress Accountable. Get Email Alerts. Become a Defender. Give Monthly. Shop Gifts and Gear. Adopt an Animal. Join Our Leadership Council. Give Through Your Will or Trust. Renew Your Membership. Other Ways to Support Defenders. American Crocodile and Alligator. Beluga Whale. Bighorn Sheep. Black-Footed Ferret. On looking up he saw a Lamb just beginning to drink lower down.

Design: Randolph Caldecott, Engraving: J. Cooper, A Wolf seeing a Lamb drinking at a brook, took it into his head that he would find some plausible excuse for eating him. So he drew near, and, standing higher up the stream, began to accuse him of disturbing the water and preventing him from drinking.

The Lamb replied that he was only touching the water with the tips of his lips; and that, besides, seeing that he was standing down stream, he could not possibly be disturbing the water higher up. Aesop For Children. A stray Lamb stood drinking early one morning on the bank of a woodland stream. That very same morning a hungry Wolf came by farther up the stream, hunting for something to eat.

He soon got his eyes on the Lamb.

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As a rule Mr. Wolf snapped up such delicious morsels without making any bones about it, but this Lamb looked so very helpless and innocent that the Wolf felt he ought to have some kind of an excuse for taking its life. I cannot possibly muddy the water you are drinking up there. Remember, you are upstream and I am downstream.

Eli Siegel’s note to the poem:

But no matter who it was, I do not intend to be talked out of my breakfast. Jefferys Taylor. Making the cool refreshing flood As brown as beer, and thick as mud. Samuel Croxall. ONE hot, sultry day, a Wolf and a Lamb happened to come, just at the same time, to quench their thirst in the stream of a clear silver brook, that ran tumbling down the side of a rocky mountain. The Wolf stood upon the higher ground; and the Lamb at some distance from him down the current. However, the Wolf, having a mind to pick a quarrel with him, asked him, What he meant by disturbing the water, and making it so muddy that he could not drink; and, at the same time demanded satisfaction.

The Lamb, frightened at this threatening charge, told him, in a tone as mild as possible, That, with humble submission, he could not conceive how that could be; since the water which he drank ran down from the Wolf to him, and therefore it could not be disturbed so far up the stream. Be that as it will, replies the Wolf, you are a rascal, and I have been told that you treated me with ill language behind my back, about half a year ago.

Upon my word says the Lamb, the time you mention was before I was born. The thing which is pointed at in this fable is so obvious, that it will be impertinent to multiply words about it.